Where volcanoes function as birthing canals of the Earth

Bold and terrible; dire and magnificent: is there anything so strange, so stark, so striking as the Earth enduring an eruption?

Inspired by earthly crucibles like Kīlauea and the powdered peridot it emits, this series features truly statement creations enlivened by the volcanic process itself: where creation takes its rightful place beside destruction, where transmutation and transformation are the orders of the day.

In the same way that volcanoes transform the topology of Earth’s landscape and birth its gems, Emefa’s Vulcan series has made its mark on the landscape of British independent jewellery and has forever entered the jewellery canon with the distinctive ‘Igneous’ cuff – modelled and named after the crystallised molten magma that forms Igneous rock – which can be seen in British Vogue, the Goldsmiths’ Company’s acquisition of the ‘Caldera’ ring, and the V&A’s acquisition of the ‘Untitled’ ring. Publication features on ‘Untitled’s’ acquisition have caused it to be popularly referred to as the ‘Vulcan ring’, but it is in fact, unnamed and this is both poignant and apt, because with Vulcan, you stare into the void and confront the heat, but you do not look away: you might just find treasure.