Caring for your jewellery

Thank you for purchasing our jewellery and here are few tips to help you keep your pieces in pristine condition.

Avoid wearing your jewellery in the shower/bath. This is particularly important for gold or rhodium plated jewellery. In general, your jewellery should be the last thing you wear in order to prevent them from the damaging effects of perfume and beauty/grooming and products.

Do not wear jewellery whilst swimming as the harsh chemicals will damage it.

Do not wear jewellery whilst using household cleaning products i.e bleach and do not wear jewellery whilst washing dishes.

For pearl jewellery, it is essential to wear after your perfume has completely settled on the skin as direct contact with perfume may cause irreversible damage.

Our jewellery is intended to be worn as often as you wish, please be aware that over time, your pieces may pick up a few minor scratches here and there which can be polished out if necessary for a small fee.

The standard requirement for vermeil jewellery is 2.5 microns however our jewellery has a much higher level meaning the finish should in theory last longer. Other finishes include oxidisation which is the antiquing of metal. As time goes on, the applied finish will start to wear off, this is often interesting as the pieces develop their own unique character, if you wish to restore the original finish, please get in touch as we can do so for a small fee.

Plated jewellery can be cleaned with a microfibre polishing cloth which is free from abrasive cleaners. Gold can be cleaned with a treated polishing cloth.

You must always keep your jewellery stored in an appropriate cool dark place away from sunlight and oxygen once you remove it.

Avoid crowding jewellery during storage as they will scratch if rubbed against each other. It will be ideal to keep the sterling silver or plated jewellery in its original packaging in a designated dark space i.e a drawer, to keep it from tarnishing.

Please remember this golden rule, your jewellery must always be the last thing on and first thing off.