Seek and find a gilded hoard inspired by that of Mansa Musa’s

Sika, in and of itself, is a tribute: to the history of gold as coinage in Ghana, in Mali, and all throughout West Africa.

It’s meaning? Money, in the Akan language.

Sika, in this incarnation, is also an homage; to a man not meant for kingship but one who ascended all the same, to a conqueror and a priest-king, to a man with dominion over the largest gold production of his contemporaries, to a man who spent and gifted so much of his wealth while visiting Egypt that he devalued the metal and impacted their economy for years to come, and finally, to a man thought to be one of the richest men ever to walk the collective lands of this planet—Musa Keita, Kanku Musa, Great Mansa of the Malian Empire. A name synonymous with the majesty of yellow metal, with the opulence of it, the generosity of it in the hands of West Africans. It is his homeland the gold of these pendants now hails from, and all begotten of a single mine; just one of the veins of West African earth limned in gold, its blood shining with it and lifeblood of its people.
This is gold that has history.
This is gold steeped in humanity.
This is gold with a sense of place.
This is gold with the heritage of Africa.

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    • Please note that all products are bespoke and it takes up to 6 weeks to complete the order.

    • Gold letter coin pendants made with Single Mine Origin gold from Mali. Inspired by Mansa Musa and originally commissioned by Emefa's brother Senyo.  These pendants can be created in any letter and comes with an 18ct Yellow 50 gauge Single Mine Origin Diamond Trace Chain. 16 inches. Longer chain available on request with an additional cost.
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