Please find here the size guides for Rings, Cuffs, Bracelets and Necklace. If you are browsing the website with a smartphone or a tablet, please turn the device horizontally.

Should you have any queries, please contact us.

Rings Size Guide

J 4 3/415.60.6148.6
J 1/250515.80.6249.2
K 5 1/416.00.6349.8
K 1/2515 1/216.20.6450.4
L 5 3/416.40.6551.0
L 1/252616.60.6551.6
M 6 1/416.80.6652.2
M 1/2 6 1/217.00.6752.8
 53 16.90.66 
N546 3/417.20.6853.5
N 1/2 717.40.6854.1
 55 17.50.69 
O  17.60.6954.7
O 1/2567 1/417.80.7055.4
P 7 1/218.00.7156.0
 57 18.10.71 
P 1/2 7 3/418.20.7256.7
Q 818.40.7257.3
 58 18.50.73 

Cuff and Bracelet size guide

Cuff and Bangle
Bespoke, please inform us of your measurements in the comment section of your order form and we will create to your specification.

Beaded bracelet sizes

  • Small 7” (17.5 cm)
  • Medium 7.5” (19cm)
  • Large 8” (20cm)

Please inform us should you wish to have a special size not listed above.

Necklace size guide

Please be aware that this guide is based on the most average sizes, we advice you measure your required length accurately before placing your order as all necklaces except One-of-a-kind pieces shown on the site will be bespoke and made to your exact specifications.

Choker Length

13-15 inches
Sits tightly around the neck.

Collar Length

16-17 inches
Sits comfortably around the base of the neck

Princess Length

18-19 inches
Sits on the collar bone


20-24 inches
Sits between the collar bone and the bust

Opera Length

28-37 inches
Sits from the top of the bust to below

Rope Length

37inches +
Sits at the waist line or below