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Emefa Cole


In her London studio, Emefa transforms the power of metals into truly bold and breathtaking jewellery. Occasionally embedded with the elegance of gemstones, these pieces are for those fearless individuals who wish to stand out from the crowd.


To unveil her journey in Jewellery making and design, Emefa delves deep into a memory chest brimming with her childhood moments. Gazing at stones that sparkled in the sun, dazzled by the brilliant flashes of light; stringing necklaces made from Job’s tears; enchanted by tales of people finding nuggets of gold after heavy tropical rainfall had washed away layers of soil.  

Again, recalling a trip to a bustling night market, the first time picking jewellery of her choice; golden studs set with stones as red as pigeon’s blood. Gemstones of this hue still arouse a feeling of elation and sumptuousness.

Moments such as these encouraged an appreciation of nature. They awakened a curiosity for the visible and concealed minerals bestowed on us for our indulgence, raising awareness of the abundant beauty surrounding us – even in unsuspecting places. 


This early experience with jewellery and gemstones conjured a romance which lay dormant for sometime, later resurfacing when she enrolled on a short jewellery making course.
Further studies at The Cass encouraged her to persevere, kindling her passion and inspiring her craft.

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